Imagine an afternoon in the Tetons. A head full of new tunes, rubbing elbows with your musical heros, a community of new friends, outstanding views and great food. Free time to jam, rehearse or hike.

Jeremy Garrett Fiddle LessonSounds like the prescription for sanity in this crazy world. Sounds like the syllabus for the annual Targhee Music Camp!

  • Four days of high level instruction
  • Hearty meals and comfortable accommodations
  • Lots of jamming
  • Evening performances
  • World-class setting
  • Top-notch instructors

2016 Instructor Profile

  • Ben Winship - Camp Song
    Ben Winship – Camp Song

    Ben Winship is a self-made musician who has carved out a niche for himself behind the potato curtain and under the radar of commercial music. His routine is a constantly shifting mix of performing, recording, engineering and teaching. Mandolin is Ben’s primary ax, but he is also a well respected songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist.
    Winship’s version of string band music is an exploration of crossroads; where raw meets refined, original meets traditional, weird meets familiar, organized meets free ranging. Ben co-founded the Targhee Music Camp with Tom Garnsey in 2005, and we are delighted to have the former camp coordinator teaching workshops this year.

  • Chris Pandolfi - Banjo
    Chris Pandolfi – Banjo

    Music was all around me growing up. My grandparents, Frank and Carmela Pandolfi, started the Conneticut Opera Association in 1942. I never met my grandfather, but my grandmother got us playing piano at a really young age. Ultimately inspired by my older brother Jono’s musical tastes and exploits, I got my first banjo in the [Read More…]

  • John Reischman - Mandolin
    John Reischman – Mandolin

    John Reischman is one of the premier mandolinists of his generation. He’s a master instrumentalist capable of swinging between re-inventions of traditional old-time tunes, deconstructions from the bluegrass repertoire, and compelling original tunes, many of which have become standards. He’s also a powerful bandleader, touring his band the Jaybirds all over Canada and the United [Read More…]