Imagine an afternoon in the Tetons. A head full of new tunes, rubbing elbows with your musical heros, a community of new friends, outstanding views and great food. Free time to jam, rehearse or hike.

Jeremy Garrett Fiddle LessonSounds like the prescription for sanity in this crazy world. Sounds like the syllabus for the annual Targhee Music Camp!

  • Four days of high level instruction
  • Hearty meals and comfortable accommodations
  • Lots of jamming
  • Evening performances
  • World-class setting
  • Top-notch instructors

2016 Instructor Profile

  • Mary Gauthier - Songwriting
    Mary Gauthier – Songwriting

    It is said that the master songwriters – the “truth tellers,” as Mary refers to the likes of Bob Dylan and Neil Young, Leonard Cohen and Patti Smith – those writers always put a piece of themselves into every song. They first shined bright light on the truth and lies of her world before she began to put pen to paper herself, and it’s up to the listener to imagine what is real and what is a dream. This sense of autobiography has always loomed large in the work of Mary Gauthier.

  • Scott Nygaard - Guitar
    Scott Nygaard – Guitar

    Scott Nygaard is one of the most inventive and original guitarists in the bluegrass/acoustic music scene. His solos, a seamless amalgam of bluegrass, folk, and jazz influences, shift easily from breathtaking virtuosity to soulful melodic musings and his accompaniment is always intriguing, supportive, and propulsive. Initially influenced by Doc Watson, Clarence White, and Django Reinhardt [Read More…]

  • Clarke Wyatt - Banjo
    Clarke Wyatt – Banjo

    Clarke Wyatt plays banjo and has a great time doing it. He is descended from a long line of pickers and fiddlers in rural East Texas – the region and time period of the East Texas Serenaders. He plays two- and three-finger style the old time way and loves sharing his unique approach to the [Read More…]