Scholarships have been an important part of Targhee Music Camp since the first camp. We offer full scholarships as well as partial scholarships. All scholarships are applied to tuition only.

We have 3 categories for scholarships including: LOCAL, YOUNG, and OPEN.

  • LOCAL scholarships are reserved for participants that live within 100 miles or so of Grand Targhee Resort with special attention given to participants that live in Teton Valley.
  • YOUNG scholarships are reserved for participants 18 years and younger. We have had great success over the years sharing camp with younger participants. Note that a parent or guardian must accompany a participant 17 years or younger.
  • OPEN scholarships are reserved for the general population, which includes everyone.

To apply for a scholarship, send a one page or less note to our email account (Targhee Music Camp Contact) where you tell us briefly about your music history and what you want to get out of camp.

Gibson Guitars has once again donated a new acoustic guitar to be raffled at the Grand Targhee Bluegrass Festival to assist with Targhee Music Camp Scholarships for the 2017 camp. A big “Thank You” to Gibson Guitars for their support!

Scholarship applications will be accepted until May 15th. All winners will be contacted by June 1st.

Please go ahead and register for camp. If you win a scholarship, we will refund that part of your registration.

If you win a scholarship we ask that you make sure you are going to use the scholarship before accepting it. If you accept a scholarship and end up not using it, we will ask you to please donate to the Targhee Music Camp Scholarship Program.

We would like to grow our scholarship programs in the future and are looking for more scholarship avenues and opportunities, so please contact us if you can help out. To inquire about scholarships send us an email at: Targhee Music Camp Contact