Blue Diamond Strings – Band-in-Residence

Band Members:
Jody Stecher: mandolin, banjo, vocals
Kate Brislin: guitar, banjo, vocals
Eric Thompson: guitar, mandolin, vocals
Suzy Thompson: fiddle, vocals
Paul Shelasky: fiddle
Paul Knight: bass

Two renowned duos and two guys named Paul have joined forces to play a joyful amalgam of bluegrass, old time music, and blues. The music of these experienced, innovative, powerful musicians and singers, as they bring to bear 50 years of collective music making to an outstanding repertoire, is exciting, compelling, satisfying, and —surprising. Breathtaking vocals, superb chops and deep knowledge of many styles of traditional music make for the spontaneous combustion that is Blue Diamond Strings.

Paul Shelasky was twice California State Fiddle Champ. Jody and Kate were twice Grammy Finalists and won several Indy awards for their influential duet recordings. Suzy and Eric are dedicated to the pursuit of weird and obscure old-time American music, adding a bit of Puerto Rican hillbilly music to the mix. Paul Knight is a bass player in demand for his tone, touch, and timing. He also hosts a wildly eclectic music series that has found him in the company of every imaginable style of musician, and it was he who brought the members of Blue Diamond Strings together as a band.

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A partial “bandography” spanning 50 years: Asphalt Jungle Mountain Boys (Eric & Jody with Jerry Garcia), Any Old Time (Suzy, Kate), Blue Flame Stringband (Suzy, Kate, Eric), Arkansas Sheiks (Kate & Paul S), Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band, Perfect Strangers (Paul K, Jody), Kleptograss (Eric, Jody, Paul, Paul), Good Old Persons, Blue and Lonesome (Paul S), Todalo Shakers, California Cajun Orchestra (Eric, Suzy), Bluegrass Intentions (Eric, Suzy, Jody).
. We are excited to have them as the Band-in-Residence for Targhee Music Camp 2015.