Ode to Targhee Music Camp by Renée Mackin

Once upon a time, not so very long ago

when the moon lay close to the land

There was a surreal, yet epic, gathering

of women and of men.


A group of diverse travelers who seek and try to find

the magic of a certain music within its lyric, rhythm and rhyme.


They found it in a hidden canyon,

where wind and pines would blend

all of their wild spirits and as they mingled

and as they listened………they would mend.


Oh, some were free of burdens, some were slow and paced,

A few took pause to just accept the challenge of each day.


They shared their songs amongst them,

stories, phrases and strums

in a camp they called Grand Targhee–a mix of sound…

and a deep, deep current of hums.


Four days of sweet libations, occasional gusty winds,

knowing that they were bound by the flow of music from within.


Secluded far from expectations,

hard times and narrow space;

there is so much reflection to hold on to from that place.


Much more than just a looking glass,

its the ‘essence’ that we shared

like a pulse connecting all of us……….

………… like a harmony in the air.


Until next time,

Renée Mackin