Spencer Bohren – American Songbook Guitar

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American Songbook Guitar Class

We are offering the “American Songbook” Guitar class with Spencer Bohren as a separate track this year. This class will explore the guitar not so much in the bluegrass tradition, but with a broader view. Spencer will take the advanced beginner (really good at basic chords) to intermediate player on a tour of traditional and contemporary blues, country, folk and gospel songs. Along the way he will share simple techniques for accompaniment and secrets about how to bring a song to life. He will also touch on vocals, arrangements, songwriting, open tunings and more.

This class is for advanced beginners to intermediate players and is lead by Spencer Bohren. Spencer teaches a variety of styles from the America roots songbook.

SPENCER BOHREN / American Roots Music

Spencer Bohren’s enthusiasm for America’s roots music is infectious, and his lifelong fascination led him to New Orleans in the 1970s. That storied city’s legendary spirit has been seeping into his unique repertoire of blues, country, gospel, folk and original songs ever since. A world-renowned lapsteel player, Spencer is also a virtuoso guitarist, soulful vocalist, songwriter, visual artist, educator and storyteller who tours extensively in America and Europe. He may live in New Orleans, but he’s been everywhere, man!